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Pad printing ink color matching method, miss no longer have!
Time of publication:2019-08-31 16:48:30

Pad printing machine is a kind of printing equipment, suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seal, etc. Pad printing is a kind of indirect concave rubber head printing technology, which has become a main method of surface printing and decoration of various objects. Do you know the color matching method of pad printing ink?


1. When mixing ink, try to add less ink of different colors. The less kinds of color ink, the better mixing effect.
2. Adopt the principle of "from shallow to deep", no matter how to prepare light color or bright color ink, when the hue is close to the template, be careful. Different manufacturers of ink, it is best not to mix call, try to use the same manufacturer of different colors of ink for color matching, otherwise it will produce uneven tone phenomenon, serious will appear condensation and make ink scrap.
3. Some screen printing inks are dried by drying, light color drying is lighter than not drying, dark color drying is deeper.
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