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Why monochrome screen printing opportunities appear, printing effect is not ideal?
Time of publication:2019-08-29 16:46:48

   Recently, many friends reported to us that in the whole process of screen printing, there are always all kinds of problems, which lead to the printing effect is not ideal. In the face of these problems, how should we deal with them?


1. The pattern shows bubble marks, oil stains on the surface of rubber head, sticky, moldy and damaged. The positioning point of the rubber head is just pressed on the pattern of the point. Ink mildew. Ink using paint thinner error. The scraper is not sharp. The inclination of rubber head surface is not enough. The ink is too thin. Ink less filling agent.
2. The pattern wire frame is rough and fuzzy. The surface of rubber head is damaged. The ink is too thin. The steel plate pattern is damaged. The scraper is not sharp or notched. The design is rough and dry. The pattern of steel plate is too deep. Ink drying.
3. The color of the pattern is light and the ink is too thin. The ink settles. Overfilling (usually around 5%). The steel plate pattern is damaged. Plate pattern depth 1 is not enough.
4. The pattern appears unnecessary, and the wire frame steel plate pattern is damaged. Scraper notch. The slide of rubber head guide is loose. The pressure of rubber head is high.
5. The pattern is deformed, and the height width ratio of rubber head is insufficient. The selection of rubber head appearance is not good. Patterns go beyond printing. The rubber head is very small and hard.
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