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Explain the classification rules of pad printing machine for you
Time of publication:2019-08-24 18:14:27

Pad printing machine is a kind of printing equipment, suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC seal, etc. Pad printing is a kind of indirect concave rubber head printing technology, which has become a main method of surface printing and decoration of various objects.


1. Classification by transmission mode: according to the main movement of the transfer machine, it can be divided into three types: manual mechanical type, electric and pneumatic. Because of the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and stable motion, pneumatic printing machine is widely used at home and abroad, and is the mainstream of the current printing machine.
2. Classification by printing color number: according to the different printing colors completed in a transfer process, the transfer machine can be divided into single color transfer machine, two color transfer printing machine and multi-color transfer printer;
Multi color printing machine can be divided into shuttle and rotary table type multi-color printing machine according to the different transmission modes between different colors.
3. According to the front and rear travel of the rubber head, it can be divided into 125, 125150175200225250300, etc. The larger the travel, the larger the print pattern and product can be. The pressure of the pad head is also higher.
4. According to the ink storage mode, it can be divided into oil pot type and oil cup type transfer printer. Oil pot type transfer printer is a common form at present. The oil cup type transfer machine is sealed ink storage, which is relatively environmental protection, and can ensure the better stability of ink in the printing process.
5. Classification by application scope: electronic circuit technology, medical biological green energy, glass automobile advertising, printing and packaging style, electrical and computer digital and other industrial fields.
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