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What can silk screen printing machine be used to print?
Time of publication:2019-08-20 18:15:21

Screen printing machine is also called screen printing machine. In the printing industry, the probability of using screen printing machine is relatively high. Its working principle is through the screen printing screen printing ink in accordance with the screen opening that needs to be printed shape to miss printed on the surface of the flat substrate.


Screen printing machine can be used to print the following products:
1. Common type: ① paper packaging printing, ② local UV varnish, ③ plastic shell printing, ④ metal, ⑤ advertising and decoration printing, ⑥ wood products printing, ⑦ glass and ceramic products printing, Ⅷ signs and nameplates
2. Special industry type:
Electronics: thick film circuit, flexible circuit board, film button, PCB printed circuit board
New energy storage materials: solar cells, perovskite cells, graphene cells
It can be said that the screen printing machine is a kind of universal printing, in addition to water and air, other can be printed with the screen printing machine.
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