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Pad printing machine cleaning precautions, most people are not clear
Time of publication:2019-08-12 16:16:51

   Speaking of this pad printing machine, I believe everyone is familiar with it, because the products it prints have been widely used in all aspects of our lives. And the cleaning of pad printing machine is also very important. If it is not clean, it will affect the printing quality and shorten the service life. Next, we will explain the cleaning precautions of Dongguan pad printing machine.


1. Template contamination
The main cause of template pollution is improper ink control, resulting in dry ink left in the mesh.
Cleaning method: when using solvent-based ink or water-based ink, the reason is that the ink is too thin or too thick. It is necessary to ensure that the above changes can not occur when the toner is adjusted. When using UV curing ink, the screen should be protected from ultraviolet light and sunlight as far as possible.
2. Print location
When there is dirt or dry ink in the graphic printing part, it must be decontaminated.
Cleaning method: after stopping the printing press, lift up the grid frame and rub the bottom of the template with an abrasive cloth soaked with solvent. Pay attention not to use too much force. Hard friction will destroy the graphic interface of the latex layer, or even wipe off the latex layer, which will damage the machine.
3. Contaminants on ink or printing materials
In order to make the screen work normally, you should also pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the ink or substrate. Due to the pollutants absorbed in the air by static electricity and poor storage conditions, the surface of substrate will be polluted.
Cleaning method: by improving storage conditions and process control to solve. In addition, the use of electrostatic precipitator and printing material decontamination device can also prevent the transfer of dust from the pad printing machine surface to the mesh.
4. Ink control and printing speed control
Ink control problems and improper printing speed control will lead to uneven ink supply and rapid drying of the mesh under the ink. The last reason for ink drying is improper setting or wear of the doctor blade. When printing fine images, the ink plate at the edge of the scraper needs to be deformed or worn during normal use, and the definition of the surrounding images will be reduced accordingly. This situation indicates that the ink may not pass through the grid correctly. If this problem cannot be solved in time, the ink will dry and stick in the mesh.
Cleaning method: rotate the scraper regularly to prolong the service life of the scraper edge, or replace a new scraper before the printing quality of the pad printing machine does not decline. In this way, the problem that the printing quality of the machine is not very good can be improved.
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