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Four color pad printing machine features, get new knowledge quickly
Time of publication:2019-08-26 17:53:10

Four color pad printing machine belongs to a product of pad printing machine equipment. Pad printing machine is a kind of printing equipment, suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramic, electronic, IC seal, etc. Four color pad printing machine features, quick to get new knowledge.


1. The printing speed is fast, and four colors are printed in one time.
2. Accurate positioning. Pneumatic side pressure positioning is selected for the four printing directions of the turntable, which is accurate and stable.
3. The whole machine is controlled by the world's leading microcomputer controller.
4. Oil roller ink, assembly and disassembly, cleaning are convenient.
5. There is a four digit active counter inside.
6. Can stick ink twice pad printing once, in order to get a thicker printing oil film.
7. Active balance scraper, clean oil scraping.
8. All directions adjustable delay function, printing speed adjustable, satisfied with different printing request.
9. It can walk in front and back without dropping glue, so as to avoid ink drying when stopping for a while.
10. According to customer needs, preset two function programs, single cycle printing and automatic printing.
11. Four color independent adjustable oil basin, simple and convenient overprint conditioning.
12. The up and down stroke of rubber head can be adjusted independently, the speed can be adjusted independently, and it is convenient to activate.
13. Using the latest pneumatic components of FESTO company, the power is smooth, weak and durable.
14. Scraper lifting can be adjusted independently, and can be applied to different thickness of steel plate.
15. Alloy cast aluminum fuselage structure, light and strong, fine structure, obvious efficiency.
16. The operation panel adopts the flexible touch system, and the pad printing function can be directly selected. The response is sensitive and the use is convenient.
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